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Since 2004 we are fighting against EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR, which publishes fake and libelous information about us, because we did not agree to be included in their unfair, not transparent, anti-competitive and misleading advertising producer system.

EXPEDIA owns TRIPADVISOR, and this FACT decrees the absolute lack of independence which, subsequently, generates unreliability.

EXPEDIA sells rooms and TRIPADVISOR sells online reputation, to sell rooms!!EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR is an archive on which are published reviews written by potential travelers on tourist facilities, restaurants and everything related to the tourism sector.


Unfortunately EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR does NOT offer this information, and files, against the will of the tourist facilities themselves, with the sole purpose of stealing the fame and reputation gained through years of REAL serious, consistent and professional work.

EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR allows anonymous reviews, without certifying that the author has actually spent his/her holiday in the Hotel/B&B.

This produces two types of reviews:

FAKE POSITIVE, written by the same managers / owners, who flesh out misleading advertising (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/news/article6583450.ece )

FAKE NEGATIVE (which are written for petty personal vendettas, generated most of the time for a demanded discount and not obtained, which defame and damage the reputation earned over years of REAL honest and passionate work).

Nobody in the world is now able to distinguish the genuine reviews from those fake negatives and fake positives: this is a violence made from EXPEDIA- TRIPADVISOR even to all those travelers who, in good faith, release their authentic reviews.

EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR is emptying of credibility the spontaneous review, expressed as the opinion of traveler.

Despite numerous complaints, the institutions, both nationals and European, still do not want to take note of this SCANDAL!

For freedom of the press, we alert all travelers who can find on this web-site

worrying reports about the conduct of EXPEDIA, of which we had no direct feedback and, thus not reflecting our opinion for lack of personal experience, because we have never chosen as Expedia as a tour operator seen as we have ALWAYS found increased convenience and economy through other booking channels.

WARNING: Expedia is the leader of a number of sites with other names, logos and graphics including:
Tripadvisor, Venere.com, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Airfare Watchdog, BookingBuddy, CruiseCritic, Family Vacation Critic, FlipKey, HolidayLettings, Holiday Watchdog, IndependentTraveler, Kuxun, OneTime, SmarterTravel, TravelLibrary, TravelPod, VirtualTourist, Egencia, Travel-Ticker.com, CarRentals.com, eLong, Classic Vacations, Expedia Local Expert, Expedia CruiseShip Centers, SniqueAway,

As long as EXPEDIA will not answer these questions, several times proposed to them, you can not believe EXPEDIA-TRIPADVISOR a transparent and reliable source of information

Here are the questions remained ALWAYS unanswered:

1) How can you certify that the writer, of the review that you publish, has ACTUALLY stayed in the accommodation ?

2) How can you GUARANTEE that the writer is not a FALSE guest or an unfair competitor or a joker?

3) How can you ENSURE that what it’s written in the review , from the “potential” guest, it’s what really happened ( you boast unbiased reviews !!!!!), when keeping anonymous the writer you embody libellous contents?

4) How can you guarantee the truth, the genuineness, the originality and the origin of the review?

5) What consist in your checks and controls ( it’s requested a detailed description ) and on how many reviews of the ones you boast to have published, have been made?

6) The Italian law “ Dgls 196/2003 “ has been shaped according to European law to protect privacy.
Why you publish details like the name of the hotel/B&B, address, pictures, names of the staff for commercial purpose, without receiving the consent to do this?

7) Why the Italian interface www.tripadvisor.it and the other local European interfaces don’t publish an address of the real office, telephone and fax numbers, and the person in charge of managing the sensitive details according to the privacy law and according to the European law 88/2008?

8) If an holiday property manager and /or owner would like to protect and defend it from published libels, would you be able to provide the writer' details?

9) If you are able to publish reviews following a real holiday, would you be able to provide all details of the booking ( travel agent or travel web-site or portal)?

10) How many of the published reviews are true and incontrovertibly linked to a real holiday stay and linked to identifiable and unique user?

11) How can you distinguish the positive fake reviews written by unfair hoteliers/managers, from those real reviews written by real travelers?

12) Why you publish “ Get the Truth. Then go”, which dress the contents as truth, when you are not able to certify the source and the truthfulness of what it’s written in the reviews?


YOU Expedia !!!!... so far you have published falsehoods about us, now we publish the truth about you! :)



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